Managed by a team of internationally trained and highly qualified professionals, we take on the responsibility of bringing best international practices and services to our clients and customers.

We always see the glass half full.

The members of our team are friendly, efficient and proactive at the same time.

The Director of Aqua Blue has been based in Abu Dhabi for more than 10 years and has intimate knowledge of the Abu Dhabi market.

The Director of Danniyeh Group is Australian businesswoman with many years of professional experience in various business around the world. Keep on establishing all our companies in accordance with the social and economic development of the UAE and Abu Dhabi in particular,Danniyeh Group promises to shine under her leadership.

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has certified Aqua Blue for providing drinking water.
Inspects the headquarter/ warehouse on a monthly basis, 3-4 times per month at times.
Aqua Blue is being provided to the labour.
Polycarbonate bottles which are one of the best and the most healthy expensive bottles have also been approved of high quality by Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority.